Fundraising Resources

Compellation of Fundraising Ideas
Many successful NIE fundraising ideas. Many can be used beyond NIE to increase revenue.

Bill Stuffer Sample
Bill Stuffers are sent out with invoices to request funding for your NIE program, remind subscribers to participate in your vacation donation, and help them understand the merits of your program. A NIE donation line on your invoice in conjunction with the Bill Stuffer will likely increase donation.

Block Sales Outline
Block Sales is a fundraising program used by many NIE programs. There are a number of variations, but the gist is that you or your advertising dept. request restaurants and retailers to donate $50 worth of food or merchandise. You then run a certificate in-paper offering the donated resource at a discounted rate of $30 (other dollar amounts could be used, i.e. $100 for $60, etc.).

Carrier Insert Letter (Detroit), Carrier Insert Letter (DC)
Sharon Martin states, "We raised over $44,000 for our nonprofit by topping 400,000 papers on Jan. 21 and again on Feb. 18." The DC insert raised about $10,000 from a smaller base. Our costs were approximately $12,000 for 800,000 flyers and $1,500 for carrier fees. A Carrier Drop Letter is just that, a letter delivered with the newspaper by your carrier. It works best to insert the letter in the plastic bag with the paper, so it drops out for the subscriber to see and respond to. The letter could also be inserted in the paper.

Sponsorship Letter: A sample sponsorship letter that can be tailored to your needs.

Sponsorship PowerPoint Presentation: A NIE PowerPoint presentation used by one newspaper.

Sponsorship/Simple Form: A very simple form to document a sponsorís donation commitment.

Telemarketing Script 1 Script 2: Two samples of telemarketing scripts.

Vendor Letter: A sample letter that may be customized for sending to your companyís vendors (companies that your newspaper does business with, i.e. newsprint, ink, legal counsel, etc.) This can be a significant source of funding for your NIE program. Ask your accounting department if they can provide you a list of the major vendors. Also ask Department Heads to help introduce you to these vendors and provide support for asking for a donation.

Yard Sale Plan: How to implement a Yard Sale or Flea Market


Sucessful NIE Sponsorship & Grant


Grant/Donation Processing Program
and Forms

Grant Donation Processing Using Our 501(C)(3) Non-profit Status
The Institute offers its 501(c)(3) status to support members grant and sponsorship writing efforts. NIEI act as the fiscal agent for your NIE program to non-profit and corporate funders that require a non-profit status to make donations. We then process your tax-deductible donations/grants, fulfill required IRS paperwork and provide a report to the funder.

Processing fees based on grant/donation size were reduced to:

$20,000+ 4%
$15,000 5%
$500 6%

Minimum donation/grant NIEI processes. Donations of $100 or more may be pooled together to reach the $500 min.

These files will help facilitate your grant writing efforts: