Grant/Donation Processing & Direct Grants to Subscribers

Grant/donation processing using our 501(C)(3) non-profit status
The Institute offers its 501(c)(3) status to NIE programs to support grant and sponsorship writing efforts. NIEI act as the fiscal agent for your NIE program to non-profit and corporate funders that require a non-profit status to make donations. We then process your tax-deductible donations/grants, fulfill required IRS paperwork and provide a report to the funder.

Processing fees based on grant/donation size are:

  • Non-Subscriber Fees
  • $20,000+.....5%
  • $15,000.......6%
  • $500............8%
  • Subscriber Fees
  • $20,000+.....4%
  • $15,000.......5%
  • $500............6%

Note: $500 is minimum donation/grant NIEI processes. Donations of $100 or more may be pooled together to reach the $500 minimum.

Non-Subscriber Bonus: A free $250 subscription to the NIE Institute if you process over $10,000 in grants/donations (for papers over 20,000 circ.) Papers under 20,000 circ. receive a free $125 subscription if $5,000 is processed.

You may download the following forms and information below: